I Salute!!

Nearly  eight decades ago something very unusual happened.. three young men who are around 25 happily sacrificed their life just to make this world understand that there is something in this planet which is superior to human selfishness.. seeing the courage and valor of those three men even  Mt. Everest would come on to its knees and bow.. Talking about courage, people remember Hercules, Achilles, Hector etc.. but for me these three people are the epitome of courage and selflessness..

but the worst part is the way Indian society have forgotten the spirit with which they lived and their sacrifices are conveniently ignored.. Today if someone talks about contributing to the society he/she will be treated as an eccentric who dont know "worldly traits". Corruption, exploitation is the common thread connecting all the sections of the society. only last week I witnessed a doctor demanding a bribe of INR 1100 from an 80 year old lady and even worst part is that his salary happens to be more than 70K/month.. This is true depiction of how much we degraded as a society..Every section of society is plagued by this.. I personally have seen very few people who match to the ethical standards that I maintain.. I myself is a mediocre when compared some people around and people call me "old fashioned" "not upto present day" etc etc.. it seems selfishness is the order of present day..

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu


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