Two Stories!!

Today I went across a couple of stories which were funny as well as thought provoking. one from Panchatantra Tales and the other from Arabian Nights.. I thought to keep them down in my blog so that I can read them in future..

Lion & Sheep:
Long long ago, in a jungle, there lived a lioness. when it was about to deliver a cub it went on to hunting. In the middle of the jungle, the lioness delivers a cub and passes away. Now this little cub wanders around and ends up along with some sheep. With time passing on, this cub eats with sheep, plays with the sheep and finally behaves exactly as sheep. After some time, another lion comes to hunt the sheep and it realizes that the cub is running away from it. So this lion goes to the cub and asks the reason for its fear. Cub innocently replies that, but for running it will be eaten by the lion. Then the lion takes the cub to the pond and shows the image proving that both look alike and asks it to be a lion and not sheep..
The great moral to take from this story is that, each of us are like that cub who looks everything according to the surroundings and undermine its true potential.  Its high time that we realize the immense potential we are blessed with and use it to contribute to the society.. why living the life of a sheep when you are a lion?? LIVE LIFE KING SIZE!!!

Sheik & Donkey(my favorite):
Once there was a sheik traveling along with his old donkey. They reach a unused, waterless well and by chance, the donkey slips down into the well.. the Sheik understands that the donkey cannot be taken out and any effort to pull it up is mere waste.. so he then decides to fill the well with the sand and  bury the donkey inside and starts shoveling sand into the well. When ever he throws some sand into the well, the donkey shakes its body so that all the sand is on the floor and stands on that sand which is thrown into the well.. with repeated such attempts, the donkey finally comes out of the well. :)
The moral here is plain and simple: People around you will throw a lot of mud on you. Dont allow it to remain on your head and rise above it. Sky is the only limit!!!

(My sister told both the stories)

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu


kiran said…
i heard the first one...
i read the second one fr the 1st time..its gud..:)..
thanks fr sharing.. :)
Anonymous said…
chala bagunnai .. naku ee rendu telsu kani chadvi chala rojlu ayindi ..
bharadwaj said…
nice stories annaya
bharadwaj said…
nice stories annaya

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