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My Orkut Testimonials!!

Jai Guru Deva,

wanted to use this post to preserve the testimonials i got in orkut. Feeling nostalgic with the good old days! thanks everyone for your kind words.. I am blessed to ahve friends like you!

Ashok Kumar Burra- Sep 28, 2006 One of the best individuals i ever met in my life. We can find in him, all the good characters which one can expect in anyone. An inspiration for me too, in some areas.
Abhineet Mishra- Sep 3, 2006 Its has only been a year to know karthik, but this is more than enough for a gem to be esteemed* To put in one line "simply pure at heart" * Both intelligent & industrious at the same time* The way he moulded himself into hostel culture is terrific* Though he calls me H***** all the times, I know he never means it* Extremely helpful by nature* Very Down to earth, a rare quality found now a days* Wishing best of luck for his bright career*

Anonymous - Jun 22, 2006 Cant describe in few words..... All the good qualities one can expect in a man. Selfle…

Face of Indian Secularism!!