My Orkut Testimonials!!

Jai Guru Deva,

wanted to use this post to preserve the testimonials i got in orkut. Feeling nostalgic with the good old days! thanks everyone for your kind words.. I am blessed to ahve friends like you!

Ashok Kumar Burra Sep 28, 2006
One of the best individuals i ever met in my life. We can find in him, all the good characters which one can expect in anyone. An inspiration for me too, in some areas.

Abhineet Mishra Sep 3, 2006
Its has only been a year to know karthik, but this is more than enough for a gem to be esteemed* To put in one line "simply pure at heart" * Both intelligent & industrious at the same time* The way he moulded himself into hostel culture is terrific* Though he calls me H***** all the times, I know he never means it* Extremely helpful by nature* Very Down to earth, a rare quality found now a days* Wishing best of luck for his bright career*

Jun 22, 2006
Cant describe in few words..... All the good qualities one can expect in a man. Selfless, positive and ........

Krishna Mohan Gurajada Apr 24, 2006
The person who studies for 22 hours a day and sleeps for 2 hrs..just because he shd not sleep in the next day's class..real hardworking and intelligent guy
Sarvejana Sukhninobhavantu


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