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God Moments!!!

Jai Guru Deva,
Any number of words that I write fail miserably to explain what I feel when a small figure of five feet five inches moving into the dressing room at Wankhede. Like many good things in life it too has to end. No golden age runs forever. So its time I get habituated with cricket without God.When the word sachin comes into the air people talk about Chennai 1999, Centurion 2003, Uppal 2008 and so on. But my Sachin moments were rather peculiar.
Square Drive at Sharjah: 
This was the shot that played for the 4th delivery of 12th over. Bowler was Mike Kasparowich. The ball was straight on off stump and God whipped it between short cover and point fielder. Both of them had hardly moved before the ball touched the boundary rope. It was a rare rare shot. It takes so many words to explain this but it all happened in a nick of time and it was so profoundly etched in my memory that I cant forget it after so many years. One reason I cherish this so much is, I had an exam the next da…

My favourite Characters

Jai Guru Deva,
Some how remembering my favourite characters: Rosanna Spearman and Dr. John Watson. Rosanna Spearman is the servant lady in Moon Stone while Watson is the friend/ally of one and only Sherlock Holmes. I dont want write in my words as to why I like them so copy/pasting the below paragraphs. one from Moon Stone and the other from Sign of Four.
I turned to the slip of paper next. Here is the literal copy of it, word
for word: "Memorandum:--To go to the Shivering Sand at the turn of the tide. To
walk out on the South Spit, until I get the South Spit Beacon, and
the flagstaff at the Coast-guard station above Cobb's Hole in a line
together. To lay down on the rocks, a stick, or any straight thing to
guide my hand, exactly in the line of the beacon and the flagstaff. To
take care, in doing this, that one end of the stick shall be at the edge
of the rocks, on the side of them which overlooks the quicksand. To feel
along the stick, among the sea-weed (beginning from the end of t…

My Darling Swathi :P

Jai Guru Deva,
Other day i met an old friend of mine after three long years. He was also from AP and was part of our erst while yoga gang when I lived in Koramangala. One of the things that he was keen to know was about Swathi. Oh! that was sometime back when I had a serious crush about Swathi. Yeah! what a days they were! Almost everyday i used to tell people that I'm going to marry Swathi my sweet heart. One of the reasons I liked her is because she has double teeth on left side and a dimple. I really like people with dimples.  Be it Drew Barrymore or Colors Swathi I like them all! Also, I generally like the names starting with S, Sandhya, Sravani, Sowmya, Sravanthi, Swathi Sridhar, Srikant blah blah blah. (however, my most preferred name for a girl is Lakshmi Sravani). 
Not only my personal friends but also my online friends (who eventually became close personal friends) also know how much I liked swathi. In 2011, i received a wave cards, jokes about me and Swathi as birthday…

God Bless..

Jai Guru Deva,

Today I came to know that one of our neighbor in Kadapa is suffering from a very critical ailment. She seems to be requiring a surgery but her family is not able to support. Amma was telling that she was working too much as she is concerned about her children's education and that eventually lead to this. This development is very painful to me as someone is not able to afford health expenses and at the same time they would not ask anyone else to support because that hurts their self repect. After all, the middle class people of this karma bhumi have only one property "self respect". Though this word neither feeds people nor supports in any way, middle class people cling to it for attaining a mythical satisfaction that we didnt compromise.

All I can do is to pray for her. Will do the Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra chanting tomorrow for her.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Bihar Bleeding..

Jai Guru Deva,

I am writing this content with angst and helplessness. Bihar which was once portrayed as the "Mighty Anga" is today bleeding with very unfortunate communal riots. The land of Chanakya and Buddha is going through a horrid time for the last couple of weeks. Again, the reason for this communal riots are very trivial. I read from The Hindu that a mob of muslims attacked a hotel when the hotel owner refused to provide non-veg food. Another incident happened when one group mis behaved with women of other group. I think only in India that these kind of stray incidents are given communal color leading to riots.This reminds me the bloody riots of Bhagalpur way back in 1989. I think it  is worth to recall the story of Bhagalpur.
Bhagalpur is a small town in Bihar which was famous for  hand made clothes, akin to lucknow. The business was owned by Hindus mostly marwadis while the work force is predominantly Muslims. On an unfortunate day a girl from a marwadi family was …

Meditatations and me!!

I have studied in Maharshi Vidya Nikethan which boasts the principles of Maharshi Mahesh yogi. It was mandatory for us to meditate for 5mins but I never realized the power of meditation then. Not sure even what i was doing is meditation. But for sure I used to close my eyes :))
First time I realized the power of meditation was during my engineering days when i was preparing for GATE exam. That was rather the biggest moment of my life and I would not want to leave any stone unturned. Destiny is so amazing that I had to meditate for several minutes in the middle of GATE exam. :))
Next time when I again relied on meditation was in 2008. If GATE was the biggest moment of my life, 2008 was the ugliest of my life. I was trying to achieve something in GATE while in 2008 I was running away from my own self. My ethics restrict me to mention details but I perceive that people made a fool of myself. God Bless them! Meditation helped me to overcome  the hatred towards them and enabled me to forg…


Image, noble mother of Love, P.Eace sister of T.Amil, H.Indi,  and well wisher of H.Armony expired on 30th July.

Deepest Condolences!

With Tears, -Karthik

Time for a fight back!!!

My life is not working, this is what i'm feeling as of now. By next week it will be full two months since i did padma sadhana and it is several months since i attended my weekly followup as well as satsangs. Never thought i will give in to laziness and this kind of stupid life style.. :((  I have already got a belly for people to joke upon and I think my head is turning bald ;) This is not the way i wanted to live and this dont inspire me to move forward like this. Let me quickly jot down what are the things that I stopped doing but wanted to do:
1. Maintaining chitramaalika site 2. Organizing Art of Living (YES+) courses in Electronic city 3. Doing Surya Namaskars and Padma Sadhana every day 4. Attending sunday follow up every week 5. Attending satsang atleast once a week 6. Writing a technical paper about the retail industry in India 7. Reading autobiographies of telugu freedom fighters 8. Finishing dinner by 8PM and sleeping by 10PM atkeast 4 days a week 9. Last but not least, updating …

Roots of Islamic Terrorism!!!

This video tells how Indian muslims are driven into a suicidal war against Hindus.. This scumbag here says that Muslims can kill 100 crores of muslims in 15minutes but he conveniently forgets that it was Hindu doctors who treated this fellow when he was shot down by another muslim and it was hindu blood given to him to survive.. Unpardonable crook!!

Given this video, it is not surprising that any terrorist activity in India had its roots in Hyderabad because of these extremist elements roaming freely.. Thats why Hyderabad is never in my favorite list.. Leave about catching terrorists Hyderabad police are not even capable of implementing the Helmet rule. The simple reason was it was opposed by Muslims.. In cities like Abudabhi, Tehran etc if a biker is found without a helmet a hefty fine will be imposed but in Hyderabad nothing of that sort will happen.. that tells us how inefficient and corrupt both the people and authorities are!!

On the other side,
when Salman khan dances during Ga…