Bihar Bleeding..

Jai Guru Deva,

I am writing this content with angst and helplessness. Bihar which was once portrayed as the "Mighty Anga" is today bleeding with very unfortunate communal riots. The land of Chanakya and Buddha is going through a horrid time for the last couple of weeks. Again, the reason for this communal riots are very trivial. I read from The Hindu that a mob of muslims attacked a hotel when the hotel owner refused to provide non-veg food. Another incident happened when one group mis behaved with women of other group. I think only in India that these kind of stray incidents are given communal color leading to riots.This reminds me the bloody riots of Bhagalpur way back in 1989. I think it  is worth to recall the story of Bhagalpur.
Bhagalpur is a small town in Bihar which was famous for  hand made clothes, akin to lucknow. The business was owned by Hindus mostly marwadis while the work force is predominantly Muslims. On an unfortunate day a girl from a marwadi family was assaulted/raped by a group of workers. This lead to a fight between the two groups which absorbed the communal color and resulted in one of the bloodiest communal riots in independent India. Now, the end result of the communal riots:

1. Several marwadis moved out of the place and started fresh businesses. some prospered; some didnt.
2. Skilled labor force who are mostly muslims didnt have any option to use their skills so ended up as daily wage workers in Bombay.
However, the biggest loss to the society is the skill to prepare fine clothes. Another ancient Indian art became extinct :((
(A Bihari friend of mine narrated this story to me)

Now coming back to the current riots people are shooting into the dark saying politicians are the reason behind these attacks while the aam aadmi is innocent. I dont believe in this argument, the politicians came up from aam aadmi itself. Today, politicians are what they are only because of the common man. Each and every individual is responsible for the actions of the politicians. As long as people take refuge in this kind of escapism no problem can be resolved, let alone prevention.

Yet again, this is a stark contrast. The land where Budhha attained salvation has become blood thirsty, same way the holy land of Afghanistan became hub of talibans.

Physically i cant do anything other than blabbering in my blog. I pray for all those victims who are suffering. May God Bless them! May better sense prevail!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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