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I Talked with a Mother!!

Today at 17:41hrs I called on Adilakshmi garu.. It is the first time that I called her since the double jolts rocked her life.. To my surprise, she recognized me when I told her that I'm  karthik and I'm a blogger..

Here is a mother whose dreams called daughter were smashed by the "developing" society and whose support called husband turned into a pot of ash.. All in all, cruel destiny robbed two of her priced possessions within a span of two months.. Even after all these things she asks me "How am I doing?", Take a bow mother!!!

When I mumbled her the same question she responded "I was doing very good before six months and you know after that, now I'm in this orphanage" Five minutes into the discussion she started crying and ten minutes later my eyes were shedding tears.. I'm sure about the reason of her tears but dont know why I was crying.. Nonetheless, I continued telling her that she has a lot of admirers like me and she should reg…