I Talked with a Mother!!

Today at 17:41hrs I called on Adilakshmi garu.. It is the first time that I called her since the double jolts rocked her life.. To my surprise, she recognized me when I told her that I'm  karthik and I'm a blogger..

Here is a mother whose dreams called daughter were smashed by the "developing" society and whose support called husband turned into a pot of ash.. All in all, cruel destiny robbed two of her priced possessions within a span of two months.. Even after all these things she asks me "How am I doing?", Take a bow mother!!!

When I mumbled her the same question she responded "I was doing very good before six months and you know after that, now I'm in this orphanage" Five minutes into the discussion she started crying and ten minutes later my eyes were shedding tears.. I'm sure about the reason of her tears but dont know why I was crying.. Nonetheless, I continued telling her that she has a lot of admirers like me and she should regroup her courage and start working towards her goal.. I tried to remind that her job is not over and she needs to get back the way Arjuna came to Kurukshetra after the death of Abhimanyu..

I dont want to ask about her suicide attempt but during the course she told me that it was just impossible for the couple to stand the loss of their daughter.. Day in-day out they kept crying and finally succumbed to that vikalpa mindset.. I think at this point people like me should have talked to them and atleast given them a feeling of belongingness.. Today, when I talked with her she is confident of her return albeit some rest; Had me or someone else talked with more often after Geeta's demise may be we could have saved Lenin Babu garu.. of course this cruel life dont have provision for these ifs and buts.. It just bludgeons people into its course.. Regarding Geeta, she told me that its by seeing the rich friends/relatives on side and parents troubles on other side the teenage mind couldnt take the insult or let down and took the sad step.. I just cant imagine the pain a heart would go through to enforce death on itself.. Other than selfless love, what crime did the parents do to deserve such a harsh punishment.. I never understand!!

One interesting thing she told me was, she always prayed the God to chose her as His weapon in this dharmayuddha and sometimes the weapons get hurt.. My be thats why the Godess Jogulamba(Alampur) came into her dream and told her that She had taken Geeta along with Her.. May be thats the Divine way of strengthening the weapon!!

From my side, I can neither solve her problems nor console her; All I can do is the "Om Namah Shivaya" chanting for her; Starting today I pledge to do the panchakshari chanting for 21 days with a sankalpa that she would get enough strength to pass though this horrible stage of her life..

Om Namah Shivaya!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,



సంకల్ప సిద్దిరస్తు.
Madhavi said…
I am sure you might have done it successfully....

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