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This Week!!!

Phew.. what a week this has been?? 
I'm going mad to say the least..atleast for three reasons i'm shell shocked.. I just dont know how to react and in my typical way i'm laughing at life..the week started with some good things like initiation of a new project etc but later on it was the news of a demise that started the trouble.. then the news of the great scandal that happened in Telugu blogs.. I have a very good group of friends and few foes who want to hurt me.. I must confess that the latest scandal had completely shattered me and now my friends are making awesome fun of what has happened.. well life is so crazy!!

then for the past few days i'm not feeling well mentally.. I couldnt sleep properly for the last few days and deep in my heart i've a feeling that someone close to me is suffering.. I just dont know who it is!! Since yday i have people and enquiring about their well being..ofcourse i'm pretending this as my new year call to them..and today while i&#…


why is the news about death so demotivating?? hardly an hour ago, i heard about the death of a girl who i through the virtual world.. I never happen to conversed with her directly apart from a couple of "Hi" "Thanks". But still its paining a lot..I'm actually falling short of words.. dont know what to write.. The thought of her family is scaring me, I remember that she lost her father only months ago and now this jolt. I dont know whether she had any siblings or not but I feel for her mother.. Couple of hours ago I was just telling another friend that mother is the biggest gift any human can have and the heart of the mother is the greatest ever.. In such a scenario, imagine the plight of the mother losing a child at an age of 23-24.. just heart breaking.. I myself is feeeling so bad that didnt feel like having dinner then think of that mother..OMG!!!
I dont know what i'm writing makes sense or not but all I pray is for the departed soul and for the mother to…

Holy Grail Obtained!!!

It was no less than a holy grail when Andrew Strauss & Co. mauled the Aussies to a 3-1 defeat in Sydney this week. SCG which happens to be the venue for many a great battle,today it witnessed a new history written.. A history of self belief, a history of hard work and discipline, more importantly its a history of commitment and dedication.. the present English team dont have any legends of modern day, KP happens to be their only super star and he was also out of sorts before their urn defending has begun..  but the team is studded with street smart players who knew their game very well..the Australian shores are always a nightmare for the visiting teams but this team gave a message that they are no ordinary team.. The top order filled with Straussy, Cooky and Trott is at the moment the best top order you have.. Unless something goes seriously wrong, Trott is going to be the next Dravid around.. He has the temperament to play long innings, he has a solid technique and more import…

wow 2010..

wow!! what an year it was, just amazing to say the least..  an year of complete joy and ecstasy, of course, after an year as horrible as 2008 any year should be great but still 2010 was awesome!!
the year started off with my koorg trip which I had to cut in the middle and came back because of my aunt's demise. she was one of the very few relatives whose house I wish to visit, with her demise I lost that option as well :( on the professional front I had my appraisal discussion which cleared me that its time to look for a change in job.. and on 26th Jan I have finally prepared my resume and informed many friends/well wishers..
come Feb, I have cleared the interview in HP and on the other side SMS was bought over by Genpact.. what a time to make a job change.. It cant get any better!! but the HR of SMS caused enough trouble delaying the new offer letter giving me few nervous moments as my HP offer letter will be based on that numbers and on the personal front I had gone to Kurnool after…