wow 2010..

wow!! what an year it was, just amazing to say the least..
 an year of complete joy and ecstasy,
of course, after an year as horrible as 2008 any year should be great but still 2010 was awesome!!

the year started off with my koorg trip which I had to cut in the middle and came back because of my aunt's demise. she was one of the very few relatives whose house I wish to visit, with her demise I lost that option as well :( on the professional front I had my appraisal discussion which cleared me that its time to look for a change in job.. and on 26th Jan I have finally prepared my resume and informed many friends/well wishers..

come Feb, I have cleared the interview in HP and on the other side SMS was bought over by Genpact.. what a time to make a job change.. It cant get any better!! but the HR of SMS caused enough trouble delaying the new offer letter giving me few nervous moments as my HP offer letter will be based on that numbers and on the personal front I had gone to Kurnool after a gap of 6 years..  for my eyes it looks really good, donno why I like that town.. on 31st March I got relieved from SMS paving way to join HP.. on 1st April I became Mama once again as my family is blessed with my niece, her presence mean a whole new world to us.. thats definitely a moment we longed for!!!
In the month of May, my parents along with my sister and niece have come to Bangalore to escape from the blazing Kadapa summer. As I said many times, we have two seasons in Kadapa, 1.summer and 2. extreme summer.. however their presence gave a lot of confidence to me and my fear that my parents cant accustom to bangalore is proved wrong.. In June, the important thing to happen was starting the work in HP and getting involved in few of the activities going on. On the financial side, the month of June was a night mare to me, I  had more than 50K unplanned expenses and I payed my a card bill  of 20K for 3 months.. Gosh that was crazy spending..  In the blog world, I became more active along with my friends' group called prapisasa. people liked me, hated me abused me but EOD I'M WHAT I'M.. I stick to what I believe in and stand by it through my heart and soul.. on the other side, in the month of May I attended Satsang by Rishiji which is one of dreams in the last year or so and also attended quite afew satsangs followed by Ashtavakra gita. Though most of the content went well above my head, I still liked those for the stories of mulla Naseeruddin and tenali Ramakrishna.. Along side Shushmakka completed her much awaited TTC, way to go!! 

Akin to the first half of the year, the second year is also quite eventful.. I attended the summer magic and remained in silence for 3 days which made my friends to file a  FIR that I'm missing :) glad to know that some one is caring for me!! after that on the day of Durgashtami I was in a meditative state for almost 6hrs all through the time of pooja,  wow! what a day that was!! Following that I started chitramaalika which is a film based website. Then in November, I had learnt a new tool for my professional purposes and that was so cool that I want to prepare a similar one on my own.. will write more details as and when I have smething to share.. On the other side, India have defeated Australia in two back to back test matches and is involved in a fierce duel on the safari soil while Pommies are making merry in the Aussie back yard.

As they say, save the best for the last, many special things happened in Dec.. I went to my dream tour of bhadrachalam/papikondalu (thx to blossom era blogger) and then followed it up with the winter break, six days of stay in ashram is quite superb.. about the bhadrachalam trip I liked the temple more than anything else.. I saw the ornaments for making which Ramadasu was jailed five centuries ago.. It was an honour to watch them.. Also, Gayathri is blessed with a baby girl on 19th Dec, that was icing the cake for that month..

Overall, best things of the year are:
1. Attending the financial literacy workshop
2. Trips of Koorg and Bhadrachalam
3. My cutest niece
4. job change
5. summer magic and winter break
6. Rishiji satsang
7. Gayathri mailing me on my Bday despite her bad health..
8. Shushmakka completing TTC..

and I'm sure 2011 have much more fun, joy & seva awaiting me..

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu,



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