This Week!!!

Phew.. what a week this has been?? 

I'm going mad to say the least..atleast for three reasons i'm shell shocked.. I just dont know how to react and in my typical way i'm laughing at life..the week started with some good things like initiation of a new project etc but later on it was the news of a demise that started the trouble.. then the news of the great scandal that happened in Telugu blogs.. I have a very good group of friends and few foes who want to hurt me.. I must confess that the latest scandal had completely shattered me and now my friends are making awesome fun of what has happened.. well life is so crazy!!

then for the past few days i'm not feeling well mentally.. I couldnt sleep properly for the last few days and deep in my heart i've a feeling that someone close to me is suffering.. I just dont know who it is!! Since yday i have people and enquiring about their well being..ofcourse i'm pretending this as my new year call to them..and today while i'm into my after lunch siesta i've received a text about someone's suicidal tendency.. the messeage went like "rojuku okka time lo anna chachchi povalani anipistondi. em cheyyalo artham kavadam ledu" the person was pretty close to me and i just cant afford to ignore.. then as usual i called some people and sent SOS messages then there seems to be sme positive result as i didnt get any -ve msg.. 
but God why did you bless me with such situations?? I still remember how me and another friend ran like crazy on bangalore roads a couple of years ago and that memory was still afresh in my mind.. even that was a case of suicide.. though we could avert any worst happening I must confess thats a close shave.. I would have never forgiven myself had i failed to do what i did then.. losing someone as close would mean another "Doom's Call" (yeah, the Doom's call happened on 8th June 2008)

I just dont know what all is happening and I cant understand many things..  All I can do is to submit everything to the divine and trying to be dispassionate..

Om namah Sivaya

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu


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