Holy Grail Obtained!!!

It was no less than a holy grail when Andrew Strauss & Co. mauled the Aussies to a 3-1 defeat in Sydney this week. SCG which happens to be the venue for many a great battle,today it witnessed a new history written.. A history of self belief, a history of hard work and discipline, more importantly its a history of commitment and dedication.. the present English team dont have any legends of modern day, KP happens to be their only super star and he was also out of sorts before their urn defending has begun..  but the team is studded with street smart players who knew their game very well..the Australian shores are always a nightmare for the visiting teams but this team gave a message that they are no ordinary team.. The top order filled with Straussy, Cooky and Trott is at the moment the best top order you have.. Unless something goes seriously wrong, Trott is going to be the next Dravid around.. He has the temperament to play long innings, he has a solid technique and more importantly he has the hunger for runs.. which  makes him the best No.3 batsmen at the moment..

And, what can be said about Alistair Cook??? he stands as the epitome of the attitude and vigor which the English men carried this summer.. his kolkata like partnership with Trott ensured that Aussies are to have similar fate as in that series.. Actually, thats the turning point of the series.. when Hussey-Haddin record partnership gave Aussies the edge, everybody thought its going to be one way again, the Aussie way! But Cook & Trott were unbelievable and made the Aussie bowlers look like school kids.. the steaming bouncers or the teasing length deliveries failed to pursue them into a false shot..they were in complete control of the game as they know their game better than any bowler.. Though they got a couple of reprieves from butter fingered Aussie fielders, overall that partnership was the key in the whole series..

About the bowlers, Jimmy Anderson has redeemed himself after a forgettable Australian tour couple of years ago.. He proved how good a bowler he has turned out to be in the last couple of years.. his line and length were accurate leaving the pitch to do the rest.. though the Aussie openers arent any great players nonetheless they are AUSSIES, arguably the best race of cricket fighters.. Also, he has to get Ponting out in the opposition back yard.. As everybody know Ponting is the best No.3 batsmen in the last decade.. He is the main pillar in many of the big wins Aussie team has won.. For me, the astonishing thing was the respect Greame Swann got from Aussie batsmen.. Swann is not a big turner of the ball but nonetheless a very shrewd and smart competitor.. Despite these things he dont deserve the respect the Aussies have payed him.. Before the series I thought he would be the bowler the Aussies would go after but Swann ensured that he is worth his salt even in the Aussie shores..

Apart from the players, big chunk of credit should go to the English Cricket Board which has ensured that the Englishmen reach Aussie soil a month before the start of the first test and have enough match practice.. Unlike their Indian Counter parts, the English board members have kept game ahead of their financial benefits.. Congrats to them!!

Well, what does this  Ashes result mean to the cricketing world?? it means a whole new world. Because going forward no touring team will be afraid of the Aussie soil, the booing crowds and the skeptical umpires. They all will be confident (if not assured) that they can emerge victorious provided they play competitive cricket.. Overall this happens to be the best Ashes I have everseen.. thanks to the Englishmen for lighting it up!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,



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