why is the news about death so demotivating?? hardly an hour ago, i heard about the death of a girl who i through the virtual world.. I never happen to conversed with her directly apart from a couple of "Hi" "Thanks". But still its paining a lot..I'm actually falling short of words.. dont know what to write.. The thought of her family is scaring me, I remember that she lost her father only months ago and now this jolt. I dont know whether she had any siblings or not but I feel for her mother.. Couple of hours ago I was just telling another friend that mother is the biggest gift any human can have and the heart of the mother is the greatest ever.. In such a scenario, imagine the plight of the mother losing a child at an age of 23-24.. just heart breaking.. I myself is feeeling so bad that didnt feel like having dinner then think of that mother..OMG!!!

I dont know what i'm writing makes sense or not but all I pray is for the departed soul and for the mother to get enough strength to overcome this phase..

May God keep the departed soul in his lap..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu..



Priya's father died three years ago and she is the only child of her parents.. very bubbly and brave girl. She hates crying..

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