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RIP 2012!!!

Another year passed.. However, it didnt pass alone.. It took a lot of people who are close to me.. It told me brutally that I'm a slave to mundane instincts like anger and frustration. It also gave me backpain which I think is the first big ailment I got. Need to workout how to overcome this.. My Lower back pains like crazy sometimes.. Regarding the death spree, in a span of six/seven months i have lost six people w ho are close to me.. and more awkward thing is I met many of my relatives only during funerals and 12-13th day events.. Many times I wondered how cruel this fate can be? Anyways, it would be gross injustice to place this year in the league of 2008 nonetheless quite painful year on a personal side and a challenging one on a professional front.  Everybody thinks that my life is going ga ga as its the first year of my married life.. on the contrary God gave me my quota of pains to keep me grounded. Thank the Almighty for that!!!

The year started with me moving to my own …