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2 Yrs of 26/11


Death of hyd cricket!!!

the most feared has come alive.. the worst couldnt be averted..eventually its DEATH!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Hyderabad cricket has touched a new low this week..With a team total of 21 and an innings which couldnt last even for 2hrs, a nude picture of Hyderabad cricket is thrown out.. the HCA website boasts of names like Abbas Ali Baig,ML Jaisimha, VVS Lakshman not to mention the traitor Azharuddin but presently it stands as a  pale shadow of its past.. if Brian Lara is the last king of Caribbean, VVS Lakshman is the last man who can make it big into the international scene..  the question everybody ask is "who is to be blamed??" - "players" is the obvious answer but how abt the coach, supporting staff, selection committee?? had one of these wings performed their duty we would not have seen this day..the HCA elections have proved to be more corrupt than the normal MP/MLAelections.. normal biryani/liquor is replaced by costly boutiques like flats, ca…