Death of hyd cricket!!!


the most feared has come alive.. the worst couldnt be averted..eventually its DEATH!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Hyderabad cricket has touched a new low this week..With a team total of 21 and an innings which couldnt last even for 2hrs, a nude picture of Hyderabad cricket is thrown out.. the HCA website boasts of names like Abbas Ali Baig,ML Jaisimha, VVS Lakshman not to mention the traitor Azharuddin but presently it stands as a  pale shadow of its past.. if Brian Lara is the last king of Caribbean, VVS Lakshman is the last man who can make it big into the international scene.. 
the question everybody ask is "who is to be blamed??" - "players" is the obvious answer but how abt the coach, supporting staff, selection committee?? had one of these wings performed their duty we would not have seen this day..the HCA elections have proved to be more corrupt than the normal MP/MLAelections.. normal biryani/liquor is replaced by costly boutiques like flats, cars etc but the corrupt mentality remained common.. so you ended up with people like Arjun Yadav in the playing XI and people like  Ambati Rayudu warming the bench..  HCA had not only dropped to a new low but also killed the careers of people like Ambati Rayudu. Had Rayudu played for any other local team he would have already got a chance to the national team but today he has to go to Mumbai to have match practice and play for the local clubs.. what a pity?? He is facing this whole punishment for his sole blunder called "Playing for Hyderabad".. 

Rayudu was one case who came out but who knows how many such have been buried  beneath the carpet.. Because HCA is keen to earn money by giving the Uppal stadium for VIP marriages and other functions, players are not allowed to practice if a VIP function is present on a given day.. thats the state of affairs of a Ranji Trophy team in this country.. In such a scenario what else you expect from that team.. the big bosses of HCA are so shameless that exit of the team from the elite group didnt bother them.. Fans in the stands are cheering the wickets of Hyderabad, even then the selectors refused to accept the fact that things are not as per the order and the result is what we see today!! 

I fail to see any ray of hope for Hyd. cricket and so feels sorry about the fans, guys- my deep condolences to you all..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu

P.S.: Though I dont correlate myself with Hyd. some how I felt sad that such a legacy has been forgotten and great days are only a myth that has passed through..


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