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MAY: The Month of moments

Wow... what a month it has been!! simply amazing things happened in a span of this 31 days.. many things which I felt were impossible came true both in a positive way and also in a negative way.. overall a dream is going on in my life.. In the first week my parents, sister and my newly born, yet to be named niece came to bangalore. I always thought my house would not be sufficient if my parents come here but I just dont know how it happened but it was more than enough.. in the three weeks of time when they were here at no point of time that we felt like a conjusted house.. It is in this three weeks time that my sister got operated once again.. its her second operation in a span of 40 days.. however it gave me a chance to realise my potential as I had to stay in the hospital as well as attend the office.. somehow at no point of time I felt tiresome.. may be thats what they call "GRACE" In the second week Guruji's birthday was there and we celebrated it well.. I personally to…

Power of Forgiving..

Kathy, a girl, became physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ill by justifying her hatred towards her father. Her father reportedly abandoned the family - Kathy, her mother & six other children. While at home, he physically abused everyone and they were all terrified of him. None of them knew when he would lose his temper and turn violent.
Kathy was affected by chronic state of anger which caused lots of imbalances in her own life more than anyone else's. She would lash out at those nearby with only the slightest provocation like her father. Her actions cost Kathy heavily, ending up with strained, unhappy relationships and changing job after job.
Hatred and bitterness percolated to her physical levels and she suffered from headaches, stomach problems and eventually developed arthritis. By her twenty-fifth birthday Kathy looked middle aged. She would re-live the miseries of her past each day and cry out that 'he was a terrible person'.

Happy B'day Guruji

It is today that beloved Guruji came to this planet.. just a quick wishes for him before moving to the tree plantation drive today and a pledge my side to strive for his vision of violence free society... his message is very simple "Productive at work, Peaceful at heart"
Jai Guru Dev -Karthik

Death: Not Sufficient

Finally some sort of justice has been done for the murder machine which threw doom on 200 innocent people and sent waves of panic across billions of people in the world. 26/11 created different responses across the world. Many in India were worried because it once again reminded them the bitter fact that their safety is compromised. Many in Pakistan were worried that this might tempt the United States to adopt a stick approach in their diplomacy replacing the existing carrot approach. The FBI & Co. is afraid that the next generation terrorists might use 26/11 as a model for the future attacks.. On a whole the impact of 26/11 on the world in general and on sub continent in particular is quite significant.  Given such an important happening we have a criminal captured and we took some 17 months to finalize the punishment on that blood monger. Thats Indian judiciary for you.. now, my doubt in this whole saga is  "Is death sentence sufficient??" the obvious response that woul…