Death: Not Sufficient

Finally some sort of justice has been done for the murder machine which threw doom on 200 innocent people and sent waves of panic across billions of people in the world. 26/11 created different responses across the world. Many in India were worried because it once again reminded them the bitter fact that their safety is compromised. Many in Pakistan were worried that this might tempt the United States to adopt a stick approach in their diplomacy replacing the existing carrot approach. The FBI & Co. is afraid that the next generation terrorists might use 26/11 as a model for the future attacks.. On a whole the impact of 26/11 on the world in general and on sub continent in particular is quite significant. 
Given such an important happening we have a criminal captured and we took some 17 months to finalize the punishment on that blood monger. Thats Indian judiciary for you.. now, my doubt in this whole saga is  "Is death sentence sufficient??" the obvious response that would pop up is "what else can you do? thats the maximum".. In my perception death to him is a obvious response but I cannot support the "hanging till death" funda.. He would have been made to run in a open ground and ask the people particularly the kith and kin of the victims to throw stones so as to kill him. I am saying this with the hope that it will reduce the pain of the victims a little.. I completely share their pain and grief so I have no hesitation to go to any extent for consoling them. My suggestion sounds very rude and beastly in nature but it is the "jab we met" funda where kareena kapoor goes on to scold the person who dumped her and claims that she feels better after doing that.. Personally I dont believe in scolding/cursing someone for any reason but here the case is no ordinary. 
Another punishment which I would suggest is to burn him alive.. this one suits the case more because given the belief system of the terrorist groups involved "Burning is the worst kind of death" so that would actually hit them where it hurts the most. I remeber using Nasam bombs in "Operation Vijay" because that would kill the enemy by burning and burning to death is the worst form of death for them. My whole point is to show the world that we would not tolerate anyone who harms us.
Though I have given a couple of suggestions the chances of Kasab getting hanged look a little dim, because the Congress govt. might add him into the list of people applied for president's courtesy plea. This will turn him into another Afzal Guru. and the story continues..Yesterday I saw a debate in a television where in one lawyer says that Kasab is already getting punished. According to her being in jail is a punishment enough for the crime he committed. He was treated as a political prisoner and he got access to newspapers also.. I got a doubt that the Indian tax payer spent some 4-5 lakhs a day for that man and some 30% population lies below the poverty line.. so who is getting punished now? the tax payer or Kasab?

Sarvejana Sukhniobhavantu



Anonymous said…
Dear Karthik,
I fully agree with you. This fellow deserves both the treatments as described by you. Further, I would like to add that part of his body should be stoned, partly to be burnt, his organs like the intestines and the liver are to be taken out of his body while he is alive, then finally nails are to be driven into his head to damage his brain.
And the body should be fed to dogs, crows and other creatures that could eat it.
karthik said…
Dear Anon,
your comment reflects the same pain which would take the heart of mine. Had it been any other case I would have definitely differed with your opinion but given the severity of the crime I'm compelled to sympathise with your opinion..


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