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What can hatred do???

Just now i went through this aticle in dawn and was horrified.. its time human beings learn some lessons out of this numbers. Hatred, b.n countries or b/n religions starts at the individual level.. unfortunately certain communities and individuals who claim to be religious breeds that and the result is what you see now.. starting from Palestine to Kashmir, failure to win over hatred is the root cause of all this!!Because of these individuals who want to prove their superiority over others all of the comunities have to bear the brunt.. A religion as simple as Islam is perceived as a menace, because at a community level Islam was projected as intolerant faith.. thanks to Arab world who successfully attributed that brand to the religion. I personally feel that Islam is the most politicized religion on this planet.. and as expected hatred is the part and parcel of politics.. God Save this planet!!!
list of religious violence in pakistan.

12 members of a Shia family were killed durin…