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A courage called Dr.Swamy

When discussing about politics, heroism etc my father talks of only two names: 1. George Fernandes 2. Subramaniam Swamy.
First time I heard of Dr. Swamy was during Vajpayee's rule and he made some remark which sounded trivial to me. In the next election he failed to get the deposit as well. I thought he is just another politician trying to find some space in the news channels and papers. But today he looks to me as an icon and inspiration. Very few people have impressed me so much that I tend to idolize them and I confess that only Dr.Swamy could do that in the recent past. He is not Dr. Kalam, not a Steve Waugh  and definitely not my Guruji, but still I'm so impressed with him. The way he is fighting the corruption is worth a big applause. He dont have any followers to burn the effigies of his detractors nor he has any strong family legacy to protect his interests or any Hazare model core team to devise strategies as well as plan of actions. With his sheer will power he beca…