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Grace works!!!

Last Saturday 17th April,2010. I was tired and having sound sleep in the afternoon when suddenly my mother woke me up saying that some one is calling me over the mobile. when I pick the call realized that the call was intended to know whether I am still there as one piece or not! Yes, that afternoon I was supposed to be there at chinnaswamy and collect the ticket from Gate 13. The explosive was set up at gate 12. No wonder many of my friends called me up to know whether I am fine or not. Because I was so excited about the match that I told to almost everybody  I know that I'm going for one of the best matches of IPL. In fact, I booked the ticket almost a month ago and was all set for the match.. but because of some last minute happenings I was needed at my native place and so I got to travel.. from my side I made all possible efforts from to postpone my journey and attend the match. However destiny has something else for me! so I travelled sitting in the last row seat of the bus a…


I came to know that Arindam, a well-wisher of mine has lost his beloved mother last night. My deep condolences to the kith and kin. I pray to the almighty to give them enough strength to pass through this tough time.
May God keep the departed soul in his lap..

Sarvejana sukhinobhavantu..

Confessions of a Campus Grad-1

SMS-read in as the erstwhile Symphony Marketing Solutions now Genpact-SMS
It was on 16th July, 2007 that I started my corporate career with a so called desi company serving the business needs of American firms.. Much to our joy first few months consisted of solid entertainment sessions which corporate jargon coins as training sessions.. As they say, dessert is the most delicious of the menu and so our training sessions acted as the dessert for our student life.. At the end of the training sessions I came to know that I'm going to join a team lead by a person called "Sreekanth Menon" and the manager of the whole R&D unit is "Arindam". Best thing about Arindam is he recognizes talent very soon. (coz its he WHO selected me in the campus ;) :P).  By virtue of being a  100% gult (who eats curd rice with extra curd) I searched for my gult brothers in the team. Seeing two gult names I patted myself thinking that gults are going to be the majority over there :) :) :)