Grace works!!!

Last Saturday 17th April,2010. I was tired and having sound sleep in the afternoon when suddenly my mother woke me up saying that some one is calling me over the mobile. when I pick the call realized that the call was intended to know whether I am still there as one piece or not! Yes, that afternoon I was supposed to be there at chinnaswamy and collect the ticket from Gate 13. The explosive was set up at gate 12. No wonder many of my friends called me up to know whether I am fine or not. Because I was so excited about the match that I told to almost everybody  I know that I'm going for one of the best matches of IPL. In fact, I booked the ticket almost a month ago and was all set for the match.. but because of some last minute happenings I was needed at my native place and so I got to travel.. from my side I made all possible efforts from to postpone my journey and attend the match. However destiny has something else for me! so I travelled sitting in the last row seat of the bus and in return got saved.. This is the second time that I missed a terror attack.. Back in 2008 when the blast happened near my bus stop also I narrowly missed it taking the bus only an hour earlier..
On the other hand I gave my ticket to a friend and he informed that he was near the stadium at 2PM.. So I was feeling very anxious about his safety.. Had anything happened to him I would have never forgiven myself.. but God has again come for our rescue.. this time in a more dramatic fashion.. My friend happened to go to a official meeting and landed near the stadium along with his laptop.. by virtue of which he was sent back by the security and the blast actually happened when he was returning back.. in the end everything ended well.. all is well ends well.. I need not get hurt to create problems.. but the news that I'm near the stadium would have kept my family into tension..
After this incident, my belief that "HE is taking care of me" has bolstered.. It is because of eternal grace and endless affection of my wellwishers that I'm what I'm today..

Thank you everybody..

sarvejana sukhnibhavantu..



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