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Jai Guru Deva,
Last week I came to know that Sri D. Subbarao sir the teacher who taught me mathematics in school days passed away sometime last year. I used to go to tuition in his house during my 9th and 10th classes. I could go only part of my 10th class as he had stopped teaching in tuition. He is probably the only person I am afraid to face. That was because, of all the people who he taught in our batch, only I failed to get 100/100. I got 96 as I did a silly mistake(took integral sinX as cosX) in second paper. (Simple, silly mistakes are part and parcel of my life and I take it as a continuous action item for my self improvement.) My school life was worse than anyone's imagination. Apart from me, I have not seen anyone who dont want to go to their school days. Barring 2008, no year of my life is as bad as my school days. I used to cry alone in bathroom being helpless and I believed those days are over only for 2008 to prove otherwise. Amidst all those dark days, Subbarao sir…