Jai Guru Deva,

Last week I came to know that Sri D. Subbarao sir the teacher who taught me mathematics in school days passed away sometime last year. I used to go to tuition in his house during my 9th and 10th classes. I could go only part of my 10th class as he had stopped teaching in tuition. He is probably the only person I am afraid to face. That was because, of all the people who he taught in our batch, only I failed to get 100/100. I got 96 as I did a silly mistake(took integral sinX as cosX) in second paper. (Simple, silly mistakes are part and parcel of my life and I take it as a continuous action item for my self improvement.) My school life was worse than anyone's imagination. Apart from me, I have not seen anyone who dont want to go to their school days. Barring 2008, no year of my life is as bad as my school days. I used to cry alone in bathroom being helpless and I believed those days are over only for 2008 to prove otherwise. Amidst all those dark days, Subbarao sir teaching maths was something i thoroughly enjoyed. My interest in Trigonometry was purely because of his teaching. (I got 75/75 in intermediate Trigonometry papers, showoff :)) Even today, when I see the shadow of a tree I try to estimate mentally what is the angle of incidence depending on the length of the shadow. That was not me but the efficiency of Subbarao sir's teaching. I dont know how many births i have to take to repay what he taught me and even thanking every day is insufficient for his contribution to me. Rest in peace Sir!!

I got very less marks in 10th class and I feel two reasons contributed to that. One is my grand father who is a hindi pandit had become too weak to teach me and the second being Subbarao sir stopping tuition. My maths teacher in school Sri Satish babu sir passed away in 2006 with cancer. He was also someone whose class I liked the most. His untimely death taught me the lesson about the danger of tobacco to human life. Subbarao sir's demise is the final breaking of me and my school days. Barring my God brother Ashokanna I dont have anyone with whom I can talk about my school. There are people who I dont want and there are people who dont want me. I respect both equally and accept them as they are. With God's grace I never looked back in my life after I completed my 10th class. Life is a great teacher albeit for wrong reasons and my life too had given me my share of lessons. What I learnt in my school is probably one of the toughest to my imagination and have contributed heavily to build my personality. Today as I lead people to do their job, first thing I try is to ensure is that every individual expresses themselves freely and their opinion is considered. Under no circumstances anyone's ideas are ridiculed or rejected without consideration. Because I know the pain of being ridiculed and I know the misery of rejection. Unfortunately I had come across both before I turned 15!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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