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tuesday turmoil

well, ladies and gentlemen now the time is 6:35am IST. jus now i had my bath and my neighbour was amazed to see me coming out of bathroom at this early hour. In fact I did a lot more works till now. I had read the eenadu paper, meditated and now updating my blog. I believe those who read my earlier posts will be feeling happy for all these works of mine. In fact I was very busy in talking to my fren thru skype at 8pmGMT and then i watched my best movie "tholiprema". Inspite of doing all these things I am able to bath at 6am. dont you smell something strange?? yes, there is no relation b/n wt i said till now and the title of the post. there is no turmoil in reading the paper or talking with frens etc. waking up this early is also not an issue. my neghbour also meant the same by giving the quote "you can wake"(as shiv khera says "you can win"). but the main issue is who is going to wake up? obvious answer is those who slept. that is the tiny thing which i …

an exam can change ur life

last night as usual i tried hard to sleep but failed to sleep by 1am. this is the nth time i am failing in the last couple of weeks. i went thru all my soal mates like Sherlock Holmes, Swami and tintin but failed to sleep. then i went to the most common IITian option, watching a movie. i am happy to find "chukkallo Chandrudu"(thanx to DC++) and watched that movie till 3:30am and slept at 4:30am. all thru that time i laughed with my frens, making fun with the dialogues and enjoyed well.

Exactly six days back in the same room at the same time i was feeling very disturbed coz of my insomnia. At 2am i tried to sleep but failed. i tried to read something for the exam next day. but i felt very drowzy and my eyes started paining. At last i meditated for half an hour(thanx to VIMP) and slept.

in both the cases mentioned above, the test sample is myself and the working conditions are same except an exam, but results are in contradiction to each other. the simple reason for this happen…