tuesday turmoil

well, ladies and gentlemen now the time is 6:35am IST. jus now i had my bath and my neighbour was amazed to see me coming out of bathroom at this early hour. In fact I did a lot more works till now. I had read the eenadu paper, meditated and now updating my blog. I believe those who read my earlier posts will be feeling happy for all these works of mine. In fact I was very busy in talking to my fren thru skype at 8pmGMT and then i watched my best movie "tholiprema". Inspite of doing all these things I am able to bath at 6am. dont you smell something strange?? yes, there is no relation b/n wt i said till now and the title of the post. there is no turmoil in reading the paper or talking with frens etc. waking up this early is also not an issue. my neghbour also meant the same by giving the quote "you can wake"(as shiv khera says "you can win"). but the main issue is who is going to wake up? obvious answer is those who slept. that is the tiny thing which i failed to do all thru the night. hope i didnt mislead you!!!. Mind you 8pmGMT refers to 1:30amIST, and by eenadu paper i meant eenadu.net which will be uploaded on to the net by 2am.
well buddies, i had a class at 9am IST hope i'll continue the sleep which i am going to catch in the class. so wish me sweet dreams.


ravi shankar said…
i wish u sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet dreams....beware of diabetes if ur dreams contain overdose of sweetness.....
I don't know how I landed here but I find this blog nice. My fellow Cuddapahite! U can have my wishes for granted whenever u attend a class...provided u don't scare the professor with ur snore. But how come u could read eenadu.net @ 2a.m.? One night I tried till 4 a.m. to get "the day's" newspaper but could not get. The proxy server or my browser's cache definitely didn't like me 2b awake at that time of the day!! and so I gave up and went to bed.
karthik said…
no probs trivikram. i nevr snore. anyway profs at iit are used 2 that as well.

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