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God Bless..

Jai Guru Deva,

Today I came to know that one of our neighbor in Kadapa is suffering from a very critical ailment. She seems to be requiring a surgery but her family is not able to support. Amma was telling that she was working too much as she is concerned about her children's education and that eventually lead to this. This development is very painful to me as someone is not able to afford health expenses and at the same time they would not ask anyone else to support because that hurts their self repect. After all, the middle class people of this karma bhumi have only one property "self respect". Though this word neither feeds people nor supports in any way, middle class people cling to it for attaining a mythical satisfaction that we didnt compromise.

All I can do is to pray for her. Will do the Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra chanting tomorrow for her.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,

Bihar Bleeding..

Jai Guru Deva,

I am writing this content with angst and helplessness. Bihar which was once portrayed as the "Mighty Anga" is today bleeding with very unfortunate communal riots. The land of Chanakya and Buddha is going through a horrid time for the last couple of weeks. Again, the reason for this communal riots are very trivial. I read from The Hindu that a mob of muslims attacked a hotel when the hotel owner refused to provide non-veg food. Another incident happened when one group mis behaved with women of other group. I think only in India that these kind of stray incidents are given communal color leading to riots.This reminds me the bloody riots of Bhagalpur way back in 1989. I think it  is worth to recall the story of Bhagalpur.
Bhagalpur is a small town in Bihar which was famous for  hand made clothes, akin to lucknow. The business was owned by Hindus mostly marwadis while the work force is predominantly Muslims. On an unfortunate day a girl from a marwadi family was …

Meditatations and me!!

I have studied in Maharshi Vidya Nikethan which boasts the principles of Maharshi Mahesh yogi. It was mandatory for us to meditate for 5mins but I never realized the power of meditation then. Not sure even what i was doing is meditation. But for sure I used to close my eyes :))
First time I realized the power of meditation was during my engineering days when i was preparing for GATE exam. That was rather the biggest moment of my life and I would not want to leave any stone unturned. Destiny is so amazing that I had to meditate for several minutes in the middle of GATE exam. :))
Next time when I again relied on meditation was in 2008. If GATE was the biggest moment of my life, 2008 was the ugliest of my life. I was trying to achieve something in GATE while in 2008 I was running away from my own self. My ethics restrict me to mention details but I perceive that people made a fool of myself. God Bless them! Meditation helped me to overcome  the hatred towards them and enabled me to forg…