Meditatations and me!!

I have studied in Maharshi Vidya Nikethan which boasts the principles of Maharshi Mahesh yogi. It was mandatory for us to meditate for 5mins but I never realized the power of meditation then. Not sure even what i was doing is meditation. But for sure I used to close my eyes :))

First time I realized the power of meditation was during my engineering days when i was preparing for GATE exam. That was rather the biggest moment of my life and I would not want to leave any stone unturned. Destiny is so amazing that I had to meditate for several minutes in the middle of GATE exam. :))

Next time when I again relied on meditation was in 2008. If GATE was the biggest moment of my life, 2008 was the ugliest of my life. I was trying to achieve something in GATE while in 2008 I was running away from my own self. My ethics restrict me to mention details but I perceive that people made a fool of myself. God Bless them! Meditation helped me to overcome  the hatred towards them and enabled me to forgive them for what they did. Today, I can confidently say, I had forgiven everybody in my life including those who hurt me the most. Though it took quite some time but it did help me. 

Here are some of the meditations that I generally follow:

1. sahaj meditation: This is one of the oldest forms of meditation in this planet. people lost track of who had conceived this meditation. It is taught by Art of Living organization.

2. Aura meditation: This is a guided meditation with the voice of my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. Very effective and instant result guaranteed. Many times i did this meditation when bombarded with loads of work.

3. Positive Thinking: This is also a guided meditation and this is conceived by people named Jane and Jessy. Definitely very soothing. More importantly this helped me to understand the negative patterns in my thought process and to direct myself to positive things.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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