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Success @Jeevani

Jai Guru Deva,
On Sunday 1st Feb 2015, we had organized a fund raising musical concert by differently able people for Jeevani orphanage. The program is a super hit and there were more than 1500 people who attended the event. On the financial side also it was a super hit. We had crossed all our targets. There was extensive coverage in the print and electronic media. My name also appeared in one of the news paper. Though this is the second time that my name has come up this is perhaps more satisfying thing than the first instance. The credit for this success goes to none other than the people of Anantapur. I was there for the event two days before and had worked on ground level for some of the activities and the kind of reception that I had seen is amazing. Wherever we go people are receiving very cordially and ready to help us out. This also is a stands as a vindication for the kind of work prasad garu is doing.
From my personal view point I am very very happy to be present for this e…