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some slokas and their meanings

finally i have opened my dash board and started writing something!!  today i'm so eager to write about this because the slokas
which i'm going to mention here are so close to my heart that I cant afford to overlook them. here I go: APAVITRAH PAVITRO VA SARVA VASTHAN GATOPI VA YAH SMARET PUNDARI-KAKSHAM SA BAHYA-BHYANTARAH SHUCHIHMeaning: whether I'm pure or impure, whatever state of mind/body I am right now by chanting your divine name I will become pure.Generally this sloka is chanted at the starting of any puja/ritual. For me this will say two things: how simple were our rituals and praying practices and the second how much they are polluted by slokam:మాణిక్య వీణా ముఫలాలయంతీం మదాలసాం మంజుల వాగ్విలాసాం మహేంద్ర నీలద్యుతి కోమలాంగీం మాతంగకన్యాం మనసా స్మరామి చతుర్భుజే చంద్రకళావతంసే కుచోన్నతే కుంకుమరాగశోణే పుండ్రేక్షు పాశాంకుశ పుష్పబాణహస్తే నమస్తే! జగదేకమాతః జగదేకమాతః ...ఆ...this poem (popularly known as shyamala dandakam) is something which my mother claims t…