some slokas and their meanings

finally i have opened my dash board and started writing something!! 
today i'm so eager to write about this because the slokas
which i'm going to mention here are so close to my heart that I cant afford to overlook them. here I go:
whether I'm pure or impure, whatever state of mind/body I am right now
 by chanting your divine name I will become pure.
Generally this sloka is chanted at the starting of any puja/ritual.
 For me this will say two things: how simple were our rituals and praying practices 
and the second how much they are polluted by today..

next slokam:
మాణిక్య వీణా ముఫలాలయంతీం
మదాలసాం మంజుల వాగ్విలాసాం
మహేంద్ర నీలద్యుతి కోమలాంగీం
మాతంగకన్యాం మనసా స్మరామి

చతుర్భుజే చంద్రకళావతంసే
కుచోన్నతే కుంకుమరాగశోణే
పుండ్రేక్షు పాశాంకుశ పుష్పబాణహస్తే
నమస్తే! జగదేకమాతః జగదేకమాతః ...ఆ...

this poem (popularly known as shyamala dandakam) is something 
which my mother claims to have taught me and  I forgot as i grew up..
so learning this slokam eventually joined my "things to do" list 
but i never took it so seriously to learn it 
but after listening the slokam sung by Ghantasala garu, 
i have no option but to learn!
you can find the video{not good audi0 though :( }  here!
it completely consists of praying Mother shakti. 
I love each and every sound of this poem!
and I need not mention that it has been written by mahakavi kalidasa.. 
one of the greatest poet this country has ever seen
the poem starts with saying the mother as the one holding maanikya veena
then its being said that she was very subtle and gentle followed
 by the claim that she is the daughter of saint Matangaa.
 In the second para, she is being called as the one with four hands 
and as beautiful as moon. After that, 
there was a mention of the things she carry in her hands..
 what a fantastic description, really awesome!!

next to come is about the slokas ofsri adi sankaracharya.

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu,



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