A courage called Dr.Swamy

When discussing about politics, heroism etc my father talks of only two names:
1. George Fernandes
2. Subramaniam Swamy.
First time I heard of Dr. Swamy was during Vajpayee's rule and he made some remark which sounded trivial to me. In the next election he failed to get the deposit as well. I thought he is just another politician trying to find some space in the news channels and papers. But today he looks to me as an icon and inspiration. Very few people have impressed me so much that I tend to idolize them and I confess that only Dr.Swamy could do that in the recent past. He is not Dr. Kalam, not a Steve Waugh  and definitely not my Guruji, but still I'm so impressed with him. The way he is fighting the corruption is worth a big applause. He dont have any followers to burn the effigies of his detractors nor he has any strong family legacy to protect his interests or any Hazare model core team to devise strategies as well as plan of actions. With his sheer will power he became night mare to the corrupt political class. I dont hesitate a moment to place Dr. Swamy along side Anna Hazare. Both are 70+ years aged but more energetic than any 20 year old guy these days..

Dr. Swamy is a lawyer by profession and holds degree from Harvard. He was also a visiting prof at the same place. Of course once the Congress led government came to power his professorship has come to an abrupt end. But that did not stop him from rising the ante against the menace of corruption. He had written as many as five letters to PMO for granting permission to interrogate A.Raja for the financial discrepancies in the allocation of 2G spectrum. As always, the PM rejected the plea only to increase the commitment of the anti graft crusader. Then he moved the supreme court of India to give permission for en-quiring the role of A.Raja and the whole scandal has come out. When the numbers related to 2G scam came out people were puzzled to see such a wealth was looted and thus the name "Mother of all scams" has come. It was as much as one lakh and seventy six thousand crores. I dont even know how many zeros will come in that number.

This is one side of the coin, on the other side he has written volumes and volumes of content claiming that Sonia Gandhi is a KGB agent and she had trapped Rajiv for getting power foot hold in India. Of course this argument cannot be overruled as Sonia's father was on the payroll of KGB since WWII. It takes immense courage to say such a thing and even more courage to move the court with only self belief as the weapon. Now after so many years after Dr. Swamy's claim one of the ex KGB spokes person accepted that they paid to a powerful Indian family in return to "friendly" behavior.  I really hope that Dr. Swamy would succeed in getting Sonia Gandhi behind the bars. EOD, no once can escape the principle of Karma which the eternal truth.

If you take a look at Dr. Swamy's life you will realize the 2G episode is only the tip of the ice berg called "courage". He openly supported Israel in an era where Indian premiers were busy boot licking their Arab counter parts so as to garner as many muslim votes as possible. In a country where empathizing Hindu sentiments is treated as jingoistic he has always claimed that sentiments of Hindus should be treated on par with the sentiments of religions. Also, in his writings he has claimed that all the people of this country has Hindu Ancestry and non-Hindus should graciously accept it and move on. Apart from these his heroics during the tyrannical rule of Indira Gandhi is just amazing. His role in igniting the anti congress sentiment in overseas Indian communities is worth a praise.

What is the reason behind this courage??
In 1969, Dr.Swamy met chief seer in the kanchi Sankara math, Swamy Chandrasekhara Saraswati and in the first instance Dr. Swamy realized that he he has found his master whom he is searching. Since then, he became a disciple of the Kanchi math. In his own words Dr. Swamy considers his Guru as the one who impacted him to the maximum extent. Being into spiritual path he is a staunch believer of Karma principle and there by dont expect any returns for his services towards this country. This is something that I'm observing very keenly. people in the spiritual path are just unstoppable. They are neither afraid of society nor anyone else.

Criticism about Dr. Swamy:
He is mostly called as the Hindu fundamentalist, Hindu maniac etc etc, yes in this unfortunate country if you empathize with feelings of Hindus these are things you get in return.  But people conveniently forget a fact; Dr. Swamy has married a Parsie. He married a parsi, his brother-in-law is a Jew and he has a muslim son in law, yet people call him "communal"; what a pity!!

Here is a video which depicts Dr. Swamy thrashing the ever arrogant and rude Karan Thapar:

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


Well said Karthik! The paid journalism in India really spells doom, if our ignorant minds don't wake up from their deep slumber and the caste-disease!

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