My Darling Swathi :P

Jai Guru Deva,

Other day i met an old friend of mine after three long years. He was also from AP and was part of our erst while yoga gang when I lived in Koramangala. One of the things that he was keen to know was about Swathi. Oh! that was sometime back when I had a serious crush about Swathi. Yeah! what a days they were! Almost everyday i used to tell people that I'm going to marry Swathi my sweet heart. One of the reasons I liked her is because she has double teeth on left side and a dimple. I really like people with dimples.  Be it Drew Barrymore or Colors Swathi I like them all! Also, I generally like the names starting with S, Sandhya, Sravani, Sowmya, Sravanthi, Swathi Sridhar, Srikant blah blah blah. (however, my most preferred name for a girl is Lakshmi Sravani). 

Not only my personal friends but also my online friends (who eventually became close personal friends) also know how much I liked swathi. In 2011, i received a wave cards, jokes about me and Swathi as birthday gifts. I had written a post about the same here. And the height of all is Nestam garu thought I was really going to marry Swathi so giving much publicity. I swear, Love might be blind but mine is more of crush than love :P
Though I like her so much I didnt watch her latest movie as its not screened in Bangalore. By principle I dont download any movie from torrent unless and until it is available in Youtube. And finally as an ardent fan of her I wish Swathi all the very best and great success in every endeavour she ventures into.


Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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