Hindu Corruption Vs Muslim Corruption!!!

Well! Well! Well!

Baba Ramdev's property will now go through the scanner.. within a week's gap the red carpet welcome from the government translated into IT raids and ED scannings.. thats India for you!! Few hours are good enough to change friends to foes and vice versa!! 

Now coming to the present situation, a lot is being said and discussed about Ramdev's identity as a yoga guru, his 200 odd companies, 1100 cr trust and the scottish island.. but none of these fails to explain why he cant fight against corruption?? on sunday night I watched a discussion hosted by Burkha Dutt and one of the gentlmen took a serious objection about the people in Ramlila grounds shouting slogans "Vandemataram" and "Bharathmata ki jai" (I forgot the name of the person).. But he conviniently ignored the fact that no section of Indian Penal Code prevents its citizens from shouting "Vandemataram".. in fact it is the battle cry of Indian Freedom Struggle.. For suppose, lets assume Baba Ramdev is making money by illegal means and Government know it.. In such scenario why was the government so keen in pacifying him and sent four cabinet ministers to virtually lick Baba's feet.. so funny!!
Apart from this, my basic doubt: where did the Hindu religion come from when Baba Ramdev starts a fast?? how is yoga limited to Hindu religion alone?? what Baba Ramdev  teaches is breathing exercises which are common to every human irrespective of their religion.. If the Royal family of Bahrain practices pranayama and thousands of people in Iraq & Afghanistan practices Sudarshana Kriya(another breathing exercise) why are people still strangling things like yoga and meditation with their stupidity.. when can the human beings rise above this?? some people say yoga gurus earning money is taboo and they should teach it for free.. OK! My question: In the human history show me one thing that was given free and was respected.. "NOTHING" It is in fact human tendency that anything free of cost is mediocre or not so important.. and I'm convinced that  yoga and meditation lost their value because in olden days there was no financial element to learn them.. 
just now I went through an article written by Sagarika Ghosh and it stands as naked manifestation of Hindu hatred that is existing in our media.. I'm just pasting some of the lines which conviniently surpassed the everest of retardness.. here you go:
"Notwithstanding the BJP's crushing electoral defeats, culturally Hindu nationalist consolidation is gathering tremendous momentum, much of which feeds into the anti-corruption campaigns. The Ram Janmabhoomi movement, in a new urbane sophisticated avatar, is back."

How on the earth the anti corruption movement and the Ram janmabhoomi are related??? On the day of Baba Ramdev's fast there were chirstian and muslim religious leaders who are endorsing Baba Ramdev's fast but that was conviniently ignored by the media.. because giving a communal colour would help them becoming more SECULAR!! How sad?

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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