A note from my diary!!!

Of all the things I possess, my diary is special. Not that I write it everyday but it has got all my bad secrets recorded in it. It doesnt make an iota of difference to me if someone else lay hands on it but it contain intricate details regarding others so I generally ensure it is untouched (by others).

Now I am writing a note from my diary which i wrote almost four years ago. The reason for bringing this up is a discussion thats happening in the one of the google groups that i'm part of about parents-children relation. In a discussion about parents-children-marraige, I vehemently support parents consistently. (one can find the same in my old blog posts.) one reason for my stance is the incident mentioned in this note. The text in italics below is the content of the actual note and i made some editing for clarity.
To start with the day was Friday, 9th Jan 2009.

Today I started from the office at 6:45PM and was struggling through the ever busy and dusty roads of Bangalore. The flyover construction at agara turned that road into a night mare and I could never move higher than second gear. Once I entered the road towards Koramangala I found a man asking me for a lift. I slowed my bike and said "BDA complex" and he replied "St. Johns". As St. Johns hospital is on the other side of the road I asked him to sit on my bike. He was a man around 50, bald head, wearing a blue rain coat, spectacles and carrying a small umbrella. I allowed myself a smile seeing the both raincoat and hat.
Starting here I tried to reproduce my conversation with him as nearly as I remember.
Me: I will leave on this side of the road. you cross the road and reach St.John's.
He: My daughter love married and filed a case against me
Me: what???
He: My daughter studied engineering working in Infosys and she had files case on me.
Me: ok...
He: I worked as a mechanic in kengeri
Me: hmmm
He: I paid her engineering fee from my PF money and now my factory went to lockout.
Now I realized that he is weeping and by then we reached utsav hotel in 1st block. I thought its better he could have some tea to get his composure back and stopped the bike near the hotel. 

As I ordered tea for him and plain milk for me, he had washed his face and now in the lighting I had noticed the black scars below his eyes indicating sleepless nights and weeping. I was little uncomfortable to start any conversation, so just said " They prepare good tear here".

He: My daughter is the first engineer in my family and i paid her fee from my PF money.
Me: Its ok sir, everything will be alright. (I was about to say "Everything happens for a purpose" but restrained)
He: Now, I have a problem in my heart and need operation and there is no money. The factory had been locked and my daughter filed a case against me.
Me: hmmm
He: She has love married and filed a case against me.
Me: why case against you??
He: She said I didnt treat her well. But I paid her fee from my PF and now dont have any money for my operation

After that he told me certain things which I cant write in an open forum. The ethics that I believe restricts me to talk about other woman's actions. The only word I can use about her is "cruel" and I'm sure it fails miserably to explain the pain the man went through. Evidently, this man had lost his mental balance because of her daughter's actions and now developed a heart problem. At the end of it, when I left him infront of the hospital, I had only one doubt in my mind "Apart from selfless love, what mistake did the parents do??" I wish I knew the answer. :((

In terms of the decisions parents beat children hands down with their sheer experience. After all, they are born atleast few decades ahead than the off springs.  In the decisions about life, children have 1/100th chance against parents and children should be very careful to chose when was that one instance when they can go against parents. only one instance. Now, the obvious question is "how about me?" , "Till date I didnt use my one chance but might have to use it in the few years to come. Hopefully, they will appreciate.

forgot to tell, the man's name is Manjunatha, he hails from Chintamani.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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