Jaspal Bhatti Zindabad!!!

Zindabad Zindabad!!
Jaspal Bhatti Zindabad!!

As a south indian kid, the name Jaspal Bhatti sounded very funny to me, what is this bhatti?? sounded quite nonsense. I didnt understand much of his serials then because of my limited/no knowledge of hindi. But I evidently remember the pirate attire he wore to mention the script of the serial is pirated.

I didnt realize the level of satire in flopshow untill i went to Kanpur and started to understand the Punjabi style of Hindi. When I first watched the serial in our lab I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. I think the first episode that I watched was "Government Officer". Some people depend only on dialogues for comedy like Trivikram Srinivas and some entirely rely on situational comedy like friends. (I never watched friends but i heard people calling it sitcom). But very rarely someone can blend both dialogues and situation to get the maximum comedy out. Telugu people are fortunate to witness this rare combination from Jandhyala but in hindi, no one matched Jaspal Bhatti. His unparalleled wit along with perfect facial expressions made his serials a treat to watch. For me, the ten episodes of flopshow are a guide for comedy. Today he met an untimely death. There are somethings I couldnt reason out and one among them is death. So cruel and so timely. Cant it wait for some more years? atleast for the sake of fans like me. I dont know!!!

All I can do is to mourn for his death and pray that the almighty would give enough strength to his family to overcome this hard time. May God keep the departed soul in His lap.

RIP Jaspal Bhatti!!

Before I complete let me note down the top 10 comedy scenes from flopshow:

1. Jaspal Bhatti's speech in Kamzor Deewar
2. Directing the serial without a female
3. Mourning for kutta
4. Bhatti's mom in law in wrist watch
5. Taking sugarcane as the "fruits" for the fiance.
6. Vivek Shauk's pledge in kutta
7. Bhatti's Conversation with Preeti in Billu Badshah
8. Haan ji uncle in Meetings episode
9. Car episode of PhD
10. Mujhe bhi kami hi pasand hein from line man

RIP Jaspal Bhatti, you will be remembered as the king of satire in the annals of comedy..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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