Workers Vs Entrepreneurs!!!

Everybody works for money, no doubts about that. But many remain as employees/workers and some end up as entrepreneurs earning big money and fame. In this post I tried to jot down certain points which I think are the difference between the two. This is all my own experience. As in case of everything in this world, this also boils down to one thing: ATTITUDE

Product Vs Process:
Employees/workers focus on product where as entrepreneurs focus on process. Let me explain this with an example: every town/city in India have got some eating joint which mastered preparation some item and everybody are crazy about it. Like MTR in Bangalore, Bawarchi in Hyderabad, Komala Vilas in Nellore etc, you have atleast one place in the town which is very special but that fellow will be limited to his place only. He never expands his business, nor he creates a brand for himself. On the other side you have Mc Donald, probably the worst food provider on this planet. Atleast, I have not seen any place which provides as sucky food as Mc D. But its a giant in the food chain business. The difference is Mc D provides the same sucky food where ever they start. From America to Africa, the MC Ds burger weight and contents remain same. This kind of focus on the process made them successful. 
Let me tell you another example, this is again from food industry. In every suburb of Bangalore you will find two things for sure: 1. Andhra restaurant 2. Bakery run by people from Kerala.
Apart from Nandini  and Bhagini none of the Andhra restaurants really transformed themselves into a big brand. Given the patronage Andhra food receives in Bangalore I wonder why we have only two famous chains. Coming to bakeries, Iyengar Bakery is a big brand and they are present in every suburb. Despite few hundreds of bakeries the people from Kerala couldnt make a big brand for their stuff. As per my experience, the small bakeries run by Malayalis are as good as Iyengars and some of them much better than Iyenger's. Again, the focus is on the product not on the process.

Bad Money Vs Good Money:
Employees/Workers focus on bad money where as entrepreneurs focus on good money. Now, how do you differentiate?? Below is you answer:
Bad money: The money you earn by working aka by spending your time. Best Example is our salary. We try to become rich by running into a higher salary job. The moment you dont give your time, you dont receive this money.
Good Money: The money which grows on itself without your effort which effectively means the money you have invested. All the investments you made fall under this category.
Now, employees/workers focus on bad money and remain as employees all through their life but entrepreneurs focus on good money. I know a person who, as of today have properties worth several crores and its all his hard earned money. A decade back, this man did not have a telephone. Not that he cannot afford it but it makes a dent into his good money. Thats the kind of financial discipline one needs to grow rich.

Risk Averse vs Risk Takers:
As all of us know, there is a price for everything except God's grace.
"Every sacrifice you do is the down payment for the glory called World cup"- This is the one liner which Steve Waugh gave to the team members after their poor show against Scotland in WC 1999. Some are ready to pay the price some are not. They say, successful people call it "opportunity" what mediocre call as "risk". Successful people are motivated by the opportunity while mediocre get demotivated.  One example in this case is my neighbour in Kadapa. They are Gujarathi family and are staying next to our house for the last 15 years. This man had ventured into atleast six kinds of businesses. At one point of time he was bankrupt and we could see people coming to his house demanding their money back. But he did not let his spirit down and fought through his way. Today he is in a much better position and very recently invited us for house warming of the new house he bought few streets away.

Things to do:
There are basically four kinds of things we do:
1. Things that are concerned to us and controlled by us. Like our work in office, physical exercises etc
2. Things that are concerned to us but not controlled by us. Gossiping, speculations at work place, Cricket matches, movies collections etc.
3. Things that are not concerned to us but controlled by us. Writing this blog, social networking etc.
4. Things that are not concerned to us and not controlled by us. Riots in Pakistan, communist hierarchy of Cambodia etc.

Now, the entrepreneurs always keep themselves busy in the first category of things. Where as employees/workers end up in the remaining things. Let me tell you an incident of Ratan Tata and Devanand. People say that this happened in early 1960s when Ratan Tata was very young. Ratan Tata and Devanand happened to sit side by side in a plane journey. None of them could identify the other, because Tata is busy in his work as a businessman and Devanand is busy as a film star. Both of them kept themselves busy in the first set of activities for a major time of their lives.

Apart from all the above entrepreneurs never craved for money, they are keen to contribute something to the society and they earn money in the due process. The Tata Sons & Co. spends 2/3 of their profits for the welfare of the society and Indian public shamelessly enjoys them.

This post is again like a cripple coaching gymnastics. I have two failures to show my entrepreneur skills and the only saving grace is the fact that I came out without any financial loss. But that never stops from aspiring what I want to be.  
Ham honge kaam yaab, 
ham honge kaam yaab
ham honge kaam yaab
Ek din.. 
Oho mann me hein vishwas.. pura hein vishwas, 
hum honge kaam yaab ek din.

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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