Not every day that I become nostalgic but today I'm feeling quite nostalgic. It has been already one year since I got married and life still looks very much fresh and unchanged. About my marriage, there are two people whom I should sincerely apologize. Not that it will make any difference to their lives but from my side its moral obligation.

First one is my friend's father. He stayed in my house hardly for 2days but trusted me so much that offered me a place in his family. I feel very much honored to have received a proposal from their family but at the same time ideas of my family are quite different. I carry the same respect towards him and his family and want to apologize him for all the pain I gave him. I'm sure it was few weeks effort from him. Very Sorry once again and no disrespect meant!!

Second one is my friend who asked me to marry his sister. In this case, my family is keen but not me. There are certain things everybody wants to be specific about marriage and I'm not an exception. So I could not move ahead of such perceptions and refused what he proposed. He could have easily blasted me and take a hostile stand but he did nothing of that sort and just moved on, thankfully. Thanks a lot for being what you are!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,


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