An Article and My Response!!

In the backdrop of the recent avalanche in Siachen there was a mindless article in DAWN newspaper. The original article can be found here.This paper supposedly the best newspaper in Pakistan and this is its quality :(

I read The Hindu News paper every day and never found such one sided articles bashing other countries. Despite my millions of differences with The Hindu I still say its a lot better than its Pakistani counter parts.

Here is my Response:

Firstly my deep condolences for the soldiers families. May God give them strength to pass this testing phase.

And about this article, it stands as an example to show why the world have a problem with Pakistan and why Pakistan cannot be trusted. These kind of half truths were spread left right and center by Pakistani establishment as well as by Pakistani media for the sake of their own interests. Money matters! so does power!
Pakistan had sent touring expeditions to Siachen as early as 1957. Observing the indifferent attitude of the Indian Government, Pakistan had propagated that the present disputed region belongs to it and many a pilotage map and atlas were made accordingly. So while claiming some disputed land as its own Pakistani Govt. should have informed its Indian counterpart. Given Pakistan's behavior in other regions India started Operation Meghadhoot and captured the area once forever.
So, My request to the editors of Dawn is to come out of this India bashing syndrome and let Pakistanis know the mistakes committed from that side.
Also, the author boasts about the predominance of Pakistani Army in the region, let me remind you few things about the same army:
1. In 1971, 93,000 soldiers of the same "predominant" army were captured by their Indian counter parts and were unconditionally released by India following Simla agreement.
2. It is the same army which refused to take the dead bodies of its own soldiers in the Kargil war. All the soldiers belonged to Northern Light Infantry of Pakistani Army.
3. It is the same army which was busy in preparing for the battle when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was on his bus visit to Pakistan.

Before bashing Indian Military Pakistani media have to understand that India is not Pakistan and Indian Military have never interfered in the policy decision making. We dont know what a military coup is!


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