decision making

"To be or not to be dts the question" says a Shskespearean character in "As You Like It". after all our life is about making a right decision at right time. but dt 'll be the toughest part of one's life. a boy says to a gal "But for seeing you I might 've become a seer" dt throws the gal in to a hot situation. she neither knew dts 100% sycophancy nor the criticality of her decision. making a decision would change the face of her life. in the recent past I shud place myself in the position of the gal afore mentioned. and the position of the boy can be given to an Indian Auto Gaint and an American Univ. but fortunately I'm intelligent than the typical "gal"(no hard felings). so I was reluctant for both the offers . but dts no easy going for me. I had valuble suggestions from my buddies, family and my beloved mentor(VIMP Sir). now by virtue of those decisions i've to work more for my placements which r going to be held in decmeber. In fact the chance for South Carolina was worth considering but I'm in no mood to escape from my family responsibilities. In everyone's life there has to be a trade off b/w professional and personal life. may be in the present day I shud pay more value to my family. once I asked the VP of Godrez foods about the same issue and his answer was "Go according to your heart" Lets hope my decision will prove to be correct in future. In the month of december I'm going for the all important placements. Hope i'll meet my dreams at least the first step of my dreams.


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