what a hectic week

every human being has to face some crests and troughs in the journey called life. I understood this fact very well in the last two months. experienced some joyful moments and faced some humiliations. but that was all personal for me. last time when i updated my blog i was thinking to write about friendship and its implications but ended up in writing about prabha. In fact that always happens with me. I starts with somethin in mind but end up with something else. even my deeds in this week are going similarly. I was thinking to do some research but never did it all through this week. I met my guide, a sweet and cardial person one can ever find seeking his guidance. he said that my work till then was admirable. may be thats why i didnt do any work till now and another meet with the guide is in store coming monday. another big issue with me is my sleep. ppl tracking my blog would know better what kind of a worst sleep i get. believe for the past 15days i never went to bed before 2am. when I'm doing engg i used to wake up at 4am(dts my favourite time) now i'm sleeping at that hour. thats life!!! ravi was said once"the only thing which doest change is getting changed" may be i'm another example of that. being awake till 2am might seem dt i'm watching some movies or I am a nocturnal. but I am neither of them. I didnt watched any movie in this week though there was a movie marathon in the hostel. a fren of mine was saying the other day, once you leave iit u cant get somethings among them movies are also one. i believed in the same thing and worked on things like SAP, German etc. but mastered neither of them. why would the deadlines anything be so stringent?? why cant myself sleep more? my eyes developed black shades. may be my photo suits me better now than at the time of its taking. so ppl wish me gud sleep and better research of course both are not possible at the same time.


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