Mandir,Masjid aur Natak!!

Again the ghost of Babri Masjid/Ram Janmabhbhumi has come alive with the Allahabad HC due to deliver the verdict next week.. week before the verdict, the court asked the relevant parties to settle the issue with consensus.. Before worrying about the request of the court lets go back to basics and make an effort to understand this problem..Let me jot down the arguments of two parties in this regard:

Hindu View:
Shri Ram was born in Ayodhya and there was a temple on his name. This temple has been raised to dust by Babar and a mosque was built in that place. That Mosque was "inadvertently"demolished in 1992 and now we need to rebuild the temple.

Muslim View:
The Masjid present there was destroyed by Hindu groups and we need to rebuild it. 

A small stat, this karma bhumi is rather the only country in this planet where there are more prayer halls than the number of schools and hospitals.

Firstly I must confess that both the parties have a right to cry foul because their respective prayer halls are demolished by the opposite groups. However its not sufficient to look at them just at the heat of the moment and an effort needs to be made to understand something about the respective religions they are representing(true! they claim to "represent" religions).
Firstly lets look at the Hindu view, Temple demolished some hundreds of years ago so we try to get it back.. now my question is "can you find a village/town in this country where there is no Ram temple?" you just CANT!
Despite so many temples present across the country we crave for another.. isnt it a matter of shame? Hindu religion is the one which taught the world the power of spirituality long before others realized there is some thing called spirit.. and today on the name of such a sacred religion we have these kind of law and order problems.. 

Now, lets go for the Muslim view, our masjid destroyed so we want to rebuild it. The masjid in focus is anyway not used since 1945 so what would you do with that? another important thing  here is Islam dont call for a prayer hall or something to do namaj.. you can just turn to the side of Mecca and can do the prayer. That is the simplicity and humbleness which Islam advocates.(I didnt count on AlQaedas and LeT because calling such savage as muslims is an insult to whole religion)
As in case of any issue the problem is with the mindsets of both  sides.. you cant clap with one hand and you cant make a big  controversy with one side being adamant. Same is the case here and we should blame both the sides.

What went wrong?
As always the issue has been cloned into a matter of self respect for both the parties and everyone wants their voice to be preferred over the other. In a similar case the Somnath temple was built by replacing the existing masjid over there.. why couldnt we repeat what we did few decades ago? this is another case of how intolerance and arrogance is growing in our society. Plz do mind that i'm not supportig any group nor opposing any! if a hindu and muslim can live for generations as neighbours why cant a hindu God and a muslim God stay in the same way??
the need of the hour is not installing Ram in Ayodhya or rebuilding a masjid, but it is to install the spirit of Ram in each one of us.. Lord Ram is so great a human that he was eventually potrayed as God. He was someone who always performed his dharma (duty) in the best possible way.. he was a perfect son, an adorable husband, a gem of an administrator and a humble human being.. now tell me, how many of the religion saviours have these qualities? atleast one of them, I doubt!
And the rebuilding of  masjid demand is evenly ridiculous, it is clearly evident from the ASI report that the disputed structure cant be a masjid.. it has no qualities to coin it as a masjid. Another point to note is that this masjid is not used for the last six decades.. so why cant it be given away?? Apart from superflous egos I dont see any rational stopping it..   
Overall, utterly disappointed by the approach of Sangh Parivar in this issue.. want to know why? then wait.. my next post will be definitely on my association,understanding and perception of Sangh..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,



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