History has a place in its annals for many great people who influenced the masses around them. but its rare to find that one word motivated millions of people. It is the same word which created panic in the majestic empire of "the sun never set". It is the same word which provoked the sleeping patriotic zeal in the Indian SubContinent. Being an Indian I feel proude to yell "vandematarm" as a bow to my motherland, as a pledge to contribute towards my nation. the sacred ode manifested the elegance of Bankin Chandra Chatterjee in bringing the fire from deeper layers of human hearts. Because of this reason the word has become a synonym of Indian National movement. But unfortunate thing is that the present day politicians are resisting its patronization for the sake of vote bank politics. Much has happenend in the country because of the vote bank politics and this is one awkward face of it. the sole target of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav is to potray hiself as the saviour and suporter of Muslims. A recent study by India Today(Aug 14th ed) proved that the literacy in muslim population is far less than non-muslims in states like UP and Bihar where Muslim saviours like Mulayam, Laloo Yadav reigned for quite a long time. Amazingly the similar parameter is very high in Gujarath which is ruled by the so called Saffron ruler. Shahi Imam of Delhi Jama mazid claimed that singing "vandemataram" is against Islam. But he has no problems if muslims sing voluntarily.these kind of cheap tricks does no good than reducing their stature. In response to this Arjun Singh says its not compulsory to sing "vandemataram" in educational institutions. That is the respect which our esteemed Cabinet Minister Pays to the national song. This will be another shameless act of Arjun singh after the reservation stir. Its an open secret who made the American's cognizant regarding the Indian Plans of nuclear tests in P.V. Narasimha Rao governement.
my sincere request to all the readers of this post is to pay some respect to behave with self respect and dont work against the heriditory assets of the nation.
Jai Hind


Piyush said…
a very aptly composed article, truly from a patriotic's heart
well done
Piyush said…
however, the readibilty is not good of new template
ravi shankar said…
good one man.. truly said.. i guess we need to follow what u said. word by word..

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