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Jai Guru Deva,

For the last 15mins I'm sitting in prasad imax lobby waiting for someone who is more than a brother to me. Sitting alone is always associated with the risk of making me nostalgic. First time I came to this place was a dream. it was almost ten years ago. people were yet to realize im junk(may be they did but didn't tell me). I was very happy to be in hyderabad amd also to be in imax. Prasads is one place where I wanted to watch a movie for a long time.  During that trip I didn't get to watch the movie but still it ws very pleasant and dream trip mainly because of people around me. I came to hyderabad to meet my sister and other friends.  Life moved a long way after that and now none of those friends are in touch with me. Some of them realized I am too much of nonsense and some were too busy with their professional and personal work. God bless them all!! I feel happy that I shared with them the good days of my life and not the traumatic days of my life.

Another time when I came to Imax was with my wife and her cousins. It was also ver pleasant experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the time there. we went to all tge different houses present there. kids were playing crazily during that time. I never knew there were so many things in Prasads till that date. However, my craving to watch a good movie in Prasad remain unsatisfied. Sometimes I could not find a good movie which can be watched in Imax. The first movie that comes to my mind is Lord of the Rings. As an ardent fan of LOTR nothing is better suited to watch in Imax. Recently I wanted to watch Bahubali in Imax but again there are no one to accompany me :( For long I had waited for someone to sponsor a movie in Imax but found nobody :)) Now I wanted to go with my money but still nobody is accompanying me :)) After we are blessed with Sathvik me and my wife didnt go to any movie till now. Part of the reason is the notorious viral spread of Bangalore. I for one will never watch a movie alone. Even when I was in hostel I hardly watched any movie sitting alone. May be I watched Mahabharath and Flopshow alone but not any movie.

My friend seems to have just arrived! 

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu,



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