IPL the season 2

Cricket's latest baby, INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE is a sensation beyond the format of a game, A phenomena beyond geographic borders. Yes, Indian Premier League has proved to be most popular championship in the cricket arena conveniently surpassing the World Cup organized by the game's apex body. This may be because of the money involved, or due to controversies associated with it, or because of T20 format or may be due to the factor of bollywood. Accepting the changes brought by IPL and appreciating the maza of IPL this is my observation of the second phase of the cricket's richest tournament of present day.

Firstly, finds and failures:

If Gautam Gambhir is the sensation of IPL-1, it is the turn of 22 year old Pragyan Ojha in 2009 . The Hyderabadi has matured into a confident bowler not caring the batsmen's credits. His deliveries has a loop seeing which Bishan Singh Bedi would be proud of. His courage to toss the ball up and invite the batsmen for a shot turns him into worthy prospect.The wicket of Wander Merve in the final was a treat to watch. More importantly his orthodox bowling action will not give any chance to the Australian umpires who are always eager to find a suspectable bowling action from a subcontinent player.

Manish Pandey, the teenager from Uttaranchal has the class of Dilip Vengsarkar and the adrenalin of King Richards. His square drives during the semi final epitomizing his timing cloned a right handed Saurav Ganguly. Though it is too early to compare him with the likes of a Rahul Dravid or a VVS Laxman, it will be stupidity at its best if one ignores him.

Ross Taylor, the Kiwi middle order batsmen has nothing to prove as his batting skills are very much evident in the longer formats of the game. But this IPL has only shown what kind of destroyer he can be if given the licence to kill. The cameo against the ill fated Knight Riders has manifested the hard hitting skills of the NewZealand Central Districts player.

ANIL KUMBLE, whats new about him? Yes, nothing new about him but many things should be observed regarding BCCI which ignored some master leadership skills for almost a decade. Many things can be realised if the "GOD FATHER" funda of Indian Cricket is understood. I mean no insult to Ganguly and admire him as the advocate of trading fire to fire but seeing this IPL any sensible Indian cricket follower would have thought " this man should have been the captain of my national side for a much longer time"

Kevin Pietersen along with his English team mate Freddie Flintoff stands as the biggest failure of this year IPL. With a forgettable average and a discouraging strike rate KP is certainly the front runner for the worst of IPL contest. Dr. Mallya's hot favorite is no way near his prime performance and this not only affected RCB batting but kept some one of Anil Kumble's stature away from much deserved captaincy.

Flintoff, the big purchase of CSK looked like a tyro unsure about his place in the playing XI. The Ashes'05 conqueror has sustained an injury by the middle of the tournament but his performance prior to that would have disappointed all the English fans aspiring an Ashes regain. The way Abhishek Nayar dispatched Freddie's 90MPH deliveries in to the press box would have left Andrew Strauss sleepless.

Viru and Gauti combo is next only to the English pair. Both of them suffered miserably to adapt to the bounce of the safari grounds. Seeing their play in the IPL no Indian fan would be happy about the preparations for the T20 WC which is due to start within a fortnight.

Here comes Controversies:

Akin to IPL-1, IPL-2 also have enough controversies to add the much needed spice for the newer version of the game. the fakeiplplayer blog started the whole thing with funky names to the characters around and interesting stories about the Mandira Bedis and the Shilpa Shettys.

May be a coincidence, the popularity of the fakeiplplayer blog matched only with the notority of the Knight Riders. They never looked like Knights and they are not ready for a ride even! The only good thing did by the disastrous performance of the KKR sorry KR is the running away of over acting, ill spirited SRK aka the frachise owner.

The multiple captain theory of John Buchanan ultimately led to the news that the team is split based on racial bias. The demand of John Buchanan for more foreign players added insult to the injury. His latest discovery that the loss was due to the absence of Pakistani players did no good to his identity as a cricketing brain.

There are other topics of controversies like the Sachin dropping himself and Sanath down the batting order in a must win game against the Rajasthan Royals but none matched with that of the King Khan's franchise.

With unconditional affection and equal admiration, I dedicate this article to Sachin, the GOD wishing him all the best for the next edition of IPL. People say Sachin failed many times and calling him GOD is a mark of insanity. But I challenge, even GOD failed many times so as the mastreo!

sarvejana sukhinobhavantu



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