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last Friday, there was an article in The Hindu where Mr. Hasan Suroor explained how muslims in India are being ill treated and how that is turning 'moderate muslims' into 'orthodox muslims'. he took example of Shabana Azmi and her statements about the Babri Masjid issue. I am placing the article here. After reading the article, I mailed my response to The Hindu and they published a part of it. you can find it here. I am glad that atleast one news paper in India has the courage to present two sides of an aspect. As a matter fact, I wrote about the very topic some time back, I guess after the Delhi blasts last year. Below is my actual response to the article:

Dear Sir,

Below is my response to the article by Hasan Suroor on 8th May, 2009 in your esteemed news paper. I request you to publish in the letters to editor column.

It is true that the Babri Masjid incident is certainly a black mark in the history of secular India. But taking it as a reason to become hardlined about religion is nothing more than the individual's moral bankruptcy. if Babri incident made Shabana Azmi to take her muslim identity more seriously then Hindus in this country have thousands of "Babri Masjids" in the last several centuries. From Somnath temple to Varanasi, thousands of temples have been vandalised by the muslim rulers. We hardly find ancient temples which were not attacked and robbed by the muslim rulers. So, if we apply the logic of Shabana Azmi all Hindus should turn violent. It is unfortunate that a news paper of The Hindu's reputation is endorsing such destructive logics by giving space in the main columns page.

Karthikeya Indrakanti


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