Me and HYD

INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE-2009 just got finished and the DECCAN CHARGERS emerged winners outplaying the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite being the supporter of the RCB team I could not resist but appreciate the way Gilli's team has played. People around me are scolding me for not supporting Hyd team but somehow I never connect myself with Hyd in a positive way. HYD means pain thats what stored in my mind!! may be because of the journey time from here or because of some nasty things in the past. what ever the reason is, I'm never a hyderabadi and i will never be one. At one point in my life I'm always eager to go there but there used to be many a hurdle but now I dont want to go and people are asking me to come time and again.
thats life!! so unexpected, so spontaneous and so very interesting!!

Next month I'm due in hyd for some work and i'm trying my best to escape from that. I have to travel for more than 30 hours and i will be with people over there for less than 30 hours this is a real pain. people say there are companies in hyderabad which pay real big money but i'm sorry its hyderaBAD and its all very BAD :)

sarvejana sukhinobavantu



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