3yrs @ Bgl: contd

As I mentioned in my last post that the last one year had been very eventful and evenly exciting. one reason why it is so exciting is that I started living alone and for the first two months I neither  had a computer nor a TV. Given the kind of "modern lifestyles" we have it sounds little weird to lead such a life. However, in those two months I never felt I was missing something. And regarding staying alone, people ask me "Dont you get bored?" I reply "bore! how does it look like?"..  I sound little arrogant but I have rationale behind it. My sister gifted me a book and there is a question in that which goes like "If you get bored being with you, how boring you should be to others?".. How true!!
And in the month of August I happen to do the YES+ course of "Art of Living Foundation". After this, time ran so quickly that I didnt even realize how fast it was! Regular practice of the "Sudarshan Kriya" increased my energy level to a new high and I feel like I'm going back to engineering days.. As I always say my engineering days witnessed my best performance as a human. Having said that I  have no hesitation in claiming that my complete potential is yet to be unleashed. In the latter part of 2009 I had a tough time in the office because I could not solve the problem at hand. But even this failed to make me suffer because by that time I have crossed the barrier called suffering. So I had a bindaas time during the new year as I went home and enjoyed with my two month old nephew. 
Meanwhile some thing amazing happened in my blog life! By an unbelievable coincidence I have met a group of creative mavericks and there started a group called "prapisasa". We started as a group of 4 and already reached 20. By far, in the history of telugu blogs we enjoy undisputed popularity with all the records in our bag. we have completed 100 posts with a whopping 17000+ comments.. thats what creativity can attract!! Do join us if you want to have unparalleled and healthy comedy. I should write a seperate post if I have to write about the creativity of our group. Though we started as to mock a Mr. Stupid of telugu blogs we soon became best of friends and are enjoying a lot.. people from different backgrounds, different professions, different geographic locations and yet ready to stand by each other. Sounds strange but thats whats happening! We share a profound bonding and aspire to do something good for the society apart from our funny stories/songs/poems. Lets see how it would go!
On the professional front, early this year I planned a job shift and with divine grace I cleared the first company which I had attempted. At the same time SMS(my earlier organization) was sold out to Genpact which proved my job shift decision to be correct. In April I joined HP and so far didnt do much of the work apart from taking a couple of transitional activities. I'm looking forward to do much in this space!!
In April our family is blessed with a baby girl and thats again a fantastic development in my life.. and because of that my parents finally came and stayed along with me for a month. 
Overall this one year of "STAYING ALONE" had been quite eventful on all fronts.. As always ZINDAGI ROCKS!!

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu..



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