3yrs of Bangalore life

by last week i have completed 3yrs of my bangalore life.. another amazing episode of my life with many great people adding a lot of value to me and made my stay a dream..
first year of my Bangalore life  was with my 3 other friends and it was only a logical extension of my hostel life.. the only thorn in the flesh was that some people whom I trusted as my friends let me down with their behavior but then its only human to make mistakes.. on the other side there were people who gave me lift and ended up as my family members..life rocks!!! the specialty of this period was staying as  neighbors to burial ground. I wonder how agitated the ghosts would be for having been victimized by our stay.. we had an excellent house owner who would be boozing at 9am everyday. I never understood whether he starts afresh in the morning or could not complete the one started last night.. however he gave us complete license to make as much noise as possible until and unless other neighbors complain.. and about my roomies, all are unique in their own way! one staunch believer of anything traditional, another who claims to have understood Osho's teachings (admittedly Osho never has a place in my popularity list) and the maverick Alchoholic sharp stupid.. yep!! all the words refers to same person.. isnt the combination great?

the second was with my Kanpur senior who used to completely take care of me.. we used his carom board for bothering neighbors, computer for my resume, TV for watching IPL and him for making fun ;) after his marriage when I said him time is running real fast he says we actually spent gud time in our bachelorhood so we feel like that.. everybody used to get surprised to see our combination because its not often to find a gult hanging out with a bihari.. and we had an amazing cook whose knowledge was to fry the dal and then boil it in the cooker.. b/n i had my bike as well, nothing helped me as much as bike did.. i love it.. its a pretty simple one with no circus looks still very efficient and suits a pollution weary being like me.. the rides me and my roomie used to take from koramangala to KR puram at 10PM in the night were awesome and really miss them..

these are all on the personal side, on the professional side also life was evenly eventful and amazing.. as I'm positioned in a gr8 team.. i had the opportunity to learn a lot of things and learn them quickly.. all the SAS,stats and many other blah blah blah came into my life in this period..

and regarding my last one year life I think its better to write a separate post about such a great time..


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