Happy Birthday


It happens to be a birthday of two people who are (were?) pretty close to my heart.. though people find it so easy to break the bonds I still respect the time I spent with them and so its my duty to wish them a very very happy birthday.. Incidentally, I have in mind quite a great future for both of them and I always promised my support.. Now that they are no more keen to maintain any relation with me, I wish God would give them all they need..

From my side I don’t have any regrets for anything which I did or which I didn’t. if I’m placed in such situations again, I will behave the same way I did earlier.. because that’s the way this creature called KARTHIK is built..

All I have to say is, if at all there is a God, one day people will realize what they did!!!

Happy Birthday once again..

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu,



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